Ko Taranaki te maunga

Ko Waitara te awa

Ko Manganui te awa

Ko Kairau te marae

Ko Te Ati Awa te iwi

Ko Ngati Maru te iwi

Ko Pukerangiora te hapu

Ko Irene taku ingoa

I come from a strong lineage of women that have paved the way, so that I would not experience the hardship and sacrifice they faced. I honour and acknowledge their continuous awhi (support) Earthside and in the Spirit realm to guide me to where I am today. 

I am a proud Australian born wife and mama of two beautiful boys and a baby-girl. My ancestral roots are of Maltese and Maori lineage. While I embrace my heritage I also show immense gratitude to the First Nations of this land and the place I call home - The Wurundjeri People of The Kulin Nation.

My journey began as early as a child, growing up and not understanding or accepting these abilities of feeling, sensing and seeing Spirit. When I would speak to my mother about this, she would often try to reassure me that 'they' just wanted to visit me and watch me sleep. For a young girl, this advice terrified the hell out of me. So my only way of coping with these abilities was to attempt to block them out. I did a pretty good job of it until I reached my last year of high school in 2006.


My great grandmother began to visit me in my dreams. She attempted to embrace me yet I resisted. On the third attempt, I cried and pleaded with her in my dream, that I was scared and I didn't want to see her anymore. And that was it, she never came back. Well that's not true. She would often send messages to me through other people/healers, proclaiming her strength and love. Still terrified, yet becoming curious, I didn't engage.


At the young age of just 24, I was preparing to get married and she began to appear in my dreams again. Still afraid, but ready to listen to what she wanted to share with me, I insisted I would listen to her call only after the wedding, as I was already very busy organising a Thailand destination wedding and didn't want the added pressure or commitment. She agreed and didn't reappear until after I got married. This set the course of the next few years of opening my third eye and exploring my own intuitive abilities.

In 2013, I studied Spiritual Shamanic & Sorcery Practices, & Tarot Ancient Wisdom Practices under Ruanna from Tarot in Action. In 2014, I completed Doreen Virtue's Angel Card Reading program held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, and became a Certified Angel Card Reader. 


Most recently, in 2018 I practiced the art of Romiromi - ancient Maori Healing through Wikitoria Oman of Wikitoria Maori Healing, beginning my spiritual journey by reestablishing my connection with Maori tikanga (teachings / wisdom / customs). Since then I have done many Maori wānanga (courses), which you can see more of on my instagram account. By going on this pilgrimage of spiritual teachings within my own culture, has given me a confidence and strength like no other.  If you would like to learn more about my journey, check out a testimonial I wrote on my experience of connecting with an ancient ancestor of mine through Julia Inglis of Sacred Familiar.


You may have seen me provide tarot & oracle readings at the Seven Sisters Festival, Melbourne's Psychic Expo, Psychic & Well-Being Festival & The Abbotsford Market.  

In my personal time, I am a lover of; nature, spending quality time with my whanau (family), spiritual growth, travelling, the outdoors, yoga & staying fit. I prioritze self care rituals so that I can refill my cup when its low. This helps me replenish, so that I can continue to be the best version of myself and teach my children the importance of loving yourself unconditionally. I have a strong connection to my two older sisters, as my mum would say 'the power of three'. They are my role models and always encourage me to step in to my power, with a side of shade to keep me grounded or triggered lol.

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