The significance of the name

Okawa is a very sacred place that I, and many more call home. Located in the prideful yet tranquil area of Taranaki, Aotearoa.

When deciding on a name, it was important to me that the business valued people at its core, love, humility and healing. It was essential the name paid respect to my ancestors that guided me to connect with Spirit.

In 2013, at our local awa (river), through ritual; I asked my ancestors to appoint a name for the business, and Okawa was chosen.

Okawa has been a sacred place for hundreds of years and was used as a meeting place for high chiefs to congregate.

Okawa 'Hill' represents the hill Okawa sits on and pays homage in the logo to our maunga; Mount Taranaki.

My grandfather and, elder of Okawa granted me permission to name my business after this sacred place. This is held with great honour. My grandfather only asked that it 'help people', and that 'would be a good thing.' And this laid the benchmark of everything Okawa Hill Readings stand for, and will continue its legacy through the art of healing.

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