Irene is a truly gifted reader! She helped me gain clarity to upcoming situations in order to prepare for it and so i dont burn myself out. She explains indepth and in a way that you can really let the information sink in. Highly recommend! x


I had an amazing reading with Irene. She was patient, honest, very intuitive and on the mark with what I was searching for. This was only my third reading ever and the only one I ever really connected with.


I highly recommend investing time into yourself and trusting to let Irene help you to achieve that. Thank you so much xo


OMG thank you so much for your reading Irene. It was more than just a reading it was a healing session. I feel sooo healed from the inside out. You brought so much clarity and insight to issues in my life that has just given me peace. I can never thank you enough for the gift of healing you have given me.

You are a strong, gentle and genuine healer with so much power! Thank you for letting me connect with my grandfather. Through bringing him in you have let me have confirmation that he is around me and my family.

Thank you for shining light on my past life and giving me the understanding that I have now and it all makes sense.

Like my husband said last night “this lady really helped you.” All I could say was yes!!!! More than I knew she could. Thank you Spirit and thank you Irene!!

What a gift you have and what an honour it is to be healed by you. Thank you! Xox

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